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Do You Know The Difference Between a 2 Way and a 4 Way?

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I am amazed at how many people I see, every day, who apparently have no idea what to do when they see an intersection with a 2 way stop.  After attempting to take my son to school, and almost being hit, again, by a driver who clearly had no idea who had the "right of way", I thought I'd write what I hope is a helpful tip to address this very issue.

Do you know what to do when you see this?


The correct answer is Car #2 has the right of way, NOT Car #1.  At a 2 way stop, the vehicle who wishes to turn left yields to all other drivers.  Car #1 yields to Car #3 who is driving through the intersection.  Car #1 yields to Car #2 who is turning right and if Car #2 was heading straight through the intersection, Car #1 would still need to yield.  

Most drivers I see, especially when turning onto Golf Club Drive off of Johnson Ranch Blvd believe that a 2 way stop and a 4 way stop are the same and whoever gets to the stop sign first "wins".  Please please please share this post & let's help keep our roads safe.

Tisha Castillo

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