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I just don't get it

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How can you own or manage a restaurant or bar and NOT know that today is National Tequila Day? Or yesterday was National Hot Dog Day or National Ice Cream Day?  The goofy holidays that are assigned to every day of the year are gold mines for restaurants and bars and I just don't get it.

As a small business owner I know how difficult it can be to juggle and try and wear so many hats.  That's why so many of us want to work smarter, not harder!  Take advantage of every chance you can to offer a special, treat, discount or tip for your customers and if you can follow someone else's schedule so you don't even have to come up with anything - DO IT!

How easy would it have been for the bars in our area to promote National Tequila Day with something like: "Come join us as we celebrate National Tequila Day with $2 shots" or something like that.  Or for National Ice Cream Day why not partner with a business that offers ice cream and promote to your clients that if they come in and do something with you, they can leave with a coupon to redeem a free ice cream at a local ice cream shop? 

Everyone loves to celebrate!  Give your customers and their friends a reason to celebrate with you!


UPDATE: After calling around to several restaurant/bars in our area, and asking if they had any specials to celebrate National Tequila Day, NONE of them had any.  That said however, The Gym Grill & Bar and the Terrace Restaurant at least decided to create some specials for the day, on the spot! Kuddos to you both!  So if you are reading this & it's still National Tequila Day, go celebrate at the Terrace or the Gym - they're giving you a reason to!

  • The Gym Grill & Bar: $2 Quervo shots, Specialty Shots of Tequila $4 & up & $4 Margaritas (2510 E Hunt Hwy)
  • The Terrace Restaurant: $3 Cazadores Tequila shots (30761 N Golf Club Dr)
Tisha Castillo

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